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Side Hustle

Or..."Why You Won't See This Stunt Double For Tom Cruise On The Big Screen." This video was a collaboration between Uber and Paramount for the premiere of Mission: Impossible 6 - Fallout. I was hired to handle the edit for the full campaign of spots.

When El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story was nearing release on Netflix, Aaron Paul was asked to explain the evolution of his enduring catch phrase. This video is part of a larger collection of content I cut for NX (Netlfix's home for everything sci-fi, super and beyond).

The return of the XFL was short-lived but was on its way to being a more successful reboot of the original league from

20 years prior. I was hired to handle the majority of the editing for the team-centric spots for each of the 8 franchises. 

Proactiv teamed up with actress Olivia Munn for their one and only Super Bowl commercial which aired during overtime of Super Bowl LI. I cut the above web version of that spot.

To promote the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, an interactive booth full of candid cameras was set up at NYCC 2017. I was hired to head up editorial on putting it all together.

We all jump through hoops to save money. Gazelle constructed a virtual reality experience in the heart of Hollywood to show how far some people are willing to go even though it doesn't need to be so difficult. Along with the above Star Wars video, this is one of several experiential forms of branded content I've been hired to edit for Denzien.


As an accomplished editor, I have extensive experience engaging audiences across a multitude of mediums. My primary focus has been cutting commercials and other forms of branded content for both corporate entities and boutique agencies like LaundryTV, DENIZEN, barrettSF and Lieberman Productions.


Working with other creators to help craft their stories with compelling visual storytelling is at the forefront of my professional and creative endeavors. Initially self-taught in high school, I honed my craft as an undergrad at Loyola Marymount University and beyond.


Over those 20+ years, speed and collaboration have developed into my biggest strengths. In that time, I’ve had the honor of seeing my work premiered by online publications such as Adweek, Collider, Screen Rant, and The Huffington Post.

Please check out my music videos site for additional work.​

[email] - alexghendriks@gmail.com

[mobile] - 415.307.9436


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